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The Culture House Hiisi in Lohja (Finland) offers a safe place to explore a vide array of culture-related activities in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

The aim is to reach young adults, between 18- to 35-year-old, that are living in Lohja area and face challenges in their everyday life due to their mental health. All the activities organized by the Culture House are completely free of charge. 

The focus is in doing something culture-related, interesting and fun, together with a peer group that consists of other young adults in a similar life situation. Many different groups take place at Hiisi every week and the participants can take part in one or more groups that they’re interested in. Each group is led by a peer leader, a participant that has taken part to the peer leader training organized by the Culture House Hiisi. All the groups are functional and based on structured peer support. The staff members work as back-up for the groups.

Hiisi offers possibilities to learn new things, gives natural tools for life management, supports the development of social skills and improves the ability to work and function. Our main priority is to offer an open and safe atmosphere that supports creativity for the participants.

The opening of the culture house in Lohja was celebrated on February 2013. The Culture house concept is based on guided functional peer support.

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Marko Haimilahti
044 747 2737